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The Best Recipes Around!

Best Recipes
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See the "Memories" section for a catalogued list of all recipes submitted to this community.

This community was created as a place to post the best recipes you have come across or concocted yourself. Post away, and try out recipes that are posted!! If you try a recipe, comment in the original recipe thread anything you want to say about it - the procedure, the results, etc.

Anything you have is fine - from vegetarian cuisine to carnivourous delights :)


1. If you are posting from a source, please credit the source (or the person or journal you got it from at least).

2. When posting a recipe, use the subject line for the *NAME* of the recipe, instead of how you feel about it.

3. Use a new entry for each recipe. We catalogue all recipes submitted, so they must be one per entry (unless it's a recipe where you make the main part and a sauce/dressing/marinade separately).

4. If you take someone else's recipe from this community, credit the person and link back to this community.
< a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/bestrecipes" > just remove the spaces

5. Don't ask for vague recipes when you're bored or stumped - take a look through the memories and find what you need - every recipe gets catalogued based on main ingredient and type, and we have LOTS to choose from! (ie: Chocolate Cheesecake will be 'Chocolate', 'Cheesecake', and 'Cake'...Vegetable soup would be 'Vegetarian' and 'Soup' etc.)

6. If you STILL can't find what you're looking for, post your request with the subject 'Recipe Request'.

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Thanks and happy posting/cooking!!!

Metalxmonkey, your friendly Mod ;)