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Salad Olivier

Okay i am gonna post my favorite salad, i grew up eating this, i hope you all will like it as much as i do.

Recipe Ingredients
Mortadella cooked sausage(it looks like a salami but it's allready cooked,it's an Italian name)
1 can green peas
7.0 oz boiled meat
4 Boiled eggs
2 Boiled potatoes
2 boiled carrots (if the carrot is big one is enough)
5 small pickled and marinated cucumbers
1 onion
salt (not too much because you are gonna add salted cucumbers, taste it to be sure)

After everything is ready, everything is boiled and cooled , cut boiled meat into little cubes (not too little and not too big) add them into a bowl, now clean all the egg's from it's shell's and cut them into cubes (add them too into the bowl, choose a nice one coz you might be serving in it) , peel the skin off the potatos (let them cool before peeling their skin off, you don't want burned fingers) and cut them into cubes and add them into the bowl, take the marinated cucumbers and cut them into cubes, add them into the bowl,cut the carrots into cubes add them into the bowl, cut the onion in a way they will be small, add them too, now add a little salt, taste it so you know you didnt overdue the salt, and now last thing, add a table spoon or 2 table spoons of mayonnaise, mix everything, if they still look a little bit dry add more mayonnaise, refrigerate it for at least 2 hours or a day, a day would be better if no one is rushed to eat it.

Serve it and enjoy :)

Remember it's your choice of forms you want to cut the vegetables as long as it's small
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