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dinner for 4 ideas, please!

My hubby and I just moved into a new, cute, swanky but troubled cottage. Two women who are friends of the family are coming up tomorrow for dinner and to stay at a nearby hotel. I have no real ideas but here are some details and perhaps you smart folks can help me out.

Time and money for prepping are tight.
These ladies LOVE to imbide. The current favorites are dry manhattans and unsalted, minorly sweet margaritas.
They are from NYC and are food snobs (Italian is out because they were just at the San Gennaro festival)
We have a new gas grill and a very small kitchen.
I have access to a fresh seafood guy who sells maine mahogany clams $8 for 4 dozen.
He also sells lobster (too expensive) and crabs cakes (pretty good on the grill). There may be an issue with availabilityb ecause I can't get to him until tomorrow at noon.
I do not want to have to cook too much while they are there.
Other fresh produce or meats are easy to come by.
Premade or tapas style dinner is a possibility.

Ok, questions are welcome. Answers are even more welcome! Thank you!

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